Plea to include traditional medicine in health plan (

TRADITIONAL medicine should be included in the national health strategic plan, the fifth annual HIV-Aids conference under way in Durban heard yesterday.
 South African Indigenous Healthcare Research chairperson Nceba Gqaleni told the conference the plan should inculcate cultural values in support of efforts to prevent HIV and reduce the impact of Aids in the province and nationally.

Gqaleni said more research needed to be done around traditional medicines and their contribution to helping those who do not qualify for treatment at private health institutions.
"The biggest issue is that the Health Department does not provide funding for any medical research in the province but the Department of Science and Technology has been the major source of research funding in South Africa," Gqaleni said.

He said the reason behind the Health Department not funding any medical research is "the current administration comes from an era traditional when medicine was associated with Aids denialism.

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