Code of Ethics

I am Sophie Lephoko from Hammanskraal working at Home Affairs and a member of the THO. I would like to congratulate you guys for this great effort in the life and history of the organisation.  "At Last the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) the largest healers formations has indeed led by example once more by launching its Code of Ethics policy as a means to curb unprofessional conduct". We always strive to be the best in this industry and that is not shown through verbal rhetoric but through examplary leadership. we are now challenging government in particular the Minister for Health, Dr. Motsoaledi to rise above the challenge of the industry and ministry by doing just one thing, IMPLEMENTING the regulations of the THP Act of 2007. By not implementing the regulations the ministry is failing the 72% of people who consume traditional medicine. THO feels that the Minister of Health does not care about the health and welbeing of our people by continously exposing them to unnecessary danger of people who call themselves as healers when they actually know nothing about healing. We need a separate department of traditional medicine which will take our profession seriously and not fail the people of this country who are desperate for health care support. What saddens us is that each time you open a newspaper, you see a story of a person who has again fallen victim but still no practical action is seen from government. Is this the government we voted to power, is this the power that we gave them to abuse?.

Thokozani bogogo as we approach 2011 and 2012 we need to open our eyes and ears before voting. Let us not vote for failure and a government that continues to undermine the right of healers and their patients.

This is enough and must be challenged!

To find out more you can download the full THO's Code of Ethics document here...

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