Advanced Traditional Primary Health Care Course (ATPHC)

This programme has been designed as a means to capacitate and empower member practitioners, to provide quality health care service delivery. It runs for 9 weeks and currently hosted at the Head office. Due to course requirements, we are currently unable to take it to other provinces until enough resources are secured. It is a SETA accredited programme which combines both traditional medicine and ayurveda sciences.

Training is conducted by competent subject matter expects. The Ministry of Ayurveda, Unani (AYUSH) in India has demonstrated interested in partnering with us in the delivery of such a programme. This will be done to strengthen the programme. ATPH, discuss the importance of applying the two sciences in primary health care delivery.

Course Outline:
Philosophy of African Traditional Medicine.
  • Primary Health Care Level 4
Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine Science (Including the different methods of healing etc)
  • Good Nutrition
  • Nutrition Level 2
  • Basic first Aid
  • Gardening
  • Health Promotion Level 1

Target Group
Traditional Medicine Practitioners.
Community Care Workers.
Traditional Surgeons
Traditional Birth Attendants
massage therapists

Entry Level
  •  Basic Traditional Primary Health Care knowledge 
  • Knowledge and skills in traditional medicine and healing
  • working experience on patient care and support

Registration Procedures
For registration applicants need to possess an original green bar-corded ID or Valid Passport  from country of origin. All the above documents have to be certified , failure to produce such documentation will disqualify your application. A registration form can either be sent via email or Fax. Download copy from THO website or call office to fax you a copy.

R1.500; THO members (deposit R900.00)
R2.000;  Non-members (deposit R1400.00)

 Learners will be awarded with a competency certificate, certified by the Health & Welfare SETA.

Date of Delivery: 04 October 2009

Banking Details
Name of Account: Traditional Healers Organisation
Account Name:  First National Bank
Account Number: 62156136882
Branch Code: 251305
Branch Name: JHB

Career path
  • competent traditional health practitioners
  • general Community care workers
  • massage therapists, and
  • counsellors                           

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